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Stamps and 1 x Play Dough

Choose your stamps and play dough combination! 


Choose 1 of either: Sky, Botanical, Safari, Woodland, Dinosaur, Mythical Creatures, Construction, Insects, Space, Transport, Fruit, Australian Animals, Sea, Farm, Spooky, Easter, Christmas.

Our handmade wooden stamps are ~4 x 4cm which are perfect for little hands. 


Choose 1 x 90g of either: Blush, Peachy, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Frozen, Lavender.

Handmade playdougb with the highest quality ingredients, inspired by nature and our surroundings. Dough My Dear luxurious, scented play doughs are soft on your hands and long-lasting when stored correctly.

The best thing about our collections is that they are perfect for engaging the senses. Experience hours of fun squishing, rolling, pounding, stamping and poking. Imagination and curiosity are nurtured through infinite creative possibilities, all the while supporting fine-motor development. It's an open-ended experience that is unlimited in ways no other toy on the market can replicate, and that’s exactly why play dough has been a hit for generations upon generations.

Also making for the perfect children’s gift, this fun product engages curious minds with big ideas and impressive, inspired creations. The best thing is that it's a unique gift offering that will provide them with hours of entertainment, combined with a profound learning experience – all a friendly price.

Suitable for toddlers and kids of all ages.